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Smooth flow of traffic, safe and secure vehicular and pedestrian movements have become basic to the modern living because of concentration, congestion, road jams and varied types of movements of vehicles and human beings on the roads. Safe, secure and smooth flow of traffic has become inevitable conditions of overall progress, prosperity and development of human existence today. Even investments, setting up of new units, industrial growth, corporate expansion etc., now depend to a large extent, in addition to other factors, on the positive or negative traffic condition available in a particular area. Smooth and effective traffic regulation, positive and safe road conditions, driving time and overall road security scenario have became an integral part of the emerging trends of traffic managements today. The police, nay, the traffic police have an onerous duty to perform all these duties in an efficient manner.

Duties of Traffic Police

The basic duties of the traffic police personnel include:

  1. Manning fixed traffic points in a town or city.
  2. Mobile patrol to regulate traffic and clearing the road
  3. Enforcement of MV Act and Rules and other notifications
  4. Check and control of rash, dangerous and drunken driving.
  5. Patrolling of highways, enforcement of traffic discipline and maintenance of order on the main roads.
  6. Removing obstructions to traffic flows and organizing traffic diversion whenever necessary, both in the congested areas of the towns/city and on the highways.
  7. Prompt arrival at the scenes of road accidents, guarding the scene, rendering first aid and shifting the injured to the hospital, intimating to the L&O Police and assisting them in the investigation of the cases.
  8. Communicating information to civil police of any incident or movement of criminals or suspected persons or property, which they come to know.
  9. Observation and apprehension of wanted persons or taking charge of missing persons in course of their duties
  10. Setting up barricades to check vehicles on alert from the police authorities
  11. Assisting civil police or detective police in checking for suspicious persons or properties
  12. Assistance to police during large gatherings
  13. Undertaking Traffic education
  14. Maintenance of prescribed records
  15. Upkeep and maintenance of all traffic equipment including traffic signals
  16. Take special care of school children, old or blind or handicapped persons and others at road crossings and peak traffic points
  17. Monitoring of traffic on the highways on a full time basis
  18. Advice the local bodies and other authorities for erection of road signals, road painting and other matters connected with traffic engineering
  19. Coordination with local authorities, highway department, telephones, water works, drainage, electricity in the matter relating to free flow of traffic and its regulation, 304 occasioned by maintenance and repair works undertaken by the concerned departments.
  20. Organize road safety education, awareness and training for drivers, road users, public, students and other stake holders.
  21. Set up road safety and education parks.