Emergency Help - Dial 100 ** Womens Helpline - 1091 ** Emergency Ambulance No - 108


Student Safety Tips

  • Know and follow the school's safety policies
  • If you walk to school, walk with a friend or family member
  • If you drive to school, always secure your vehicle
  • Carry your keys in your hand when walking to your car
  • Never carry large sums of money with you
  • Always tell your parents where you plan to be before and after school
  • Make sure that your emergency contact card at school is updated
  • Report all suspicious activity, whether on or off campus
  • Immediately report any information about a student with weapons
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Be familiar with the general layout of the buildings and walkways (walk around campus during the day to familiarize yourself)
  • Walk in groups and say in well lit areas
  • Carry a whistle with you (if you find yourself in danger, you can use it to draw attention and it cannot be used to harm you)
  • Avoid high risk situations and seek help from an adult if you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable
  • Refuse to participate in negative or criminal behavior
  • Follow instructions of school employees, law enforcement officials, or other emergency response personnel
  • Refrain from teasing, bullying, and harassing other students and be tolerant of their differences