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1. It is essential that a panchanama, in respect of an arrest, search, seizure etc. should always be made at the site of the occurrence of the accident or offence and the signatures of the panchas/witnesses should be obtained thereon.

2. An accused/a person whose premise has been searched, must get a copy of the Panchnama.

3. It is necessary that two panchas remain present while a Panchanama is being drawn and their signatures should be obtained on it.

4. After paying the fees, in form 'AA', a copy of the Panchanama drawn at the site of an accident can be obtained.

In Case of Complaint
At first, please meet Senior Inspector of the Police Station. If the problem persists, meet Sub Divisional Police Officer of your division or to Addition Superintendent of Police (ASP) of your District. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all these officers have been given on this site.