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MV Accident: Your Responsibility

1. If there is no casualty and only the motor vehicles are damaged in the accident, the drivers of both the vehicles should take their respective vehicles to the side of the road to ensure that the traffic is not obstructed. Drivers of both the vehicles should note down the names, address, details of licenses and the number of each other's vehicles and duly register a complaint at the local police station.

2. The insurance company should be informed immediately so that compensation could be claimed for the vehicles damaged.

3. If you have committed some accident and injured a person, you are duty bound to take the person to the hospital and inform the incident to the police. If it is not possible to remove the injured to hospital, go to the nearest police station and inform about full facts. Any non-compliance of this rule shall make you liable for enhanced punishment.

4. If any you come across a person, injured in an accident, try to help him. Provide first aid to the injured and take steps to remove the injured to the nearest hospital. The registration number and the name of the driver and other details of the vehicle, that has caused the accident should be noted down and should be reported to the nearest police station immediately.

5. Do not believe in the misnomer that helping an accident victim will lead to harassment by the police. At best, police officer may ask for your statement, that too at hospital itself.