Emergency Help - Dial 100 ** Womens Helpline - 1091 ** Emergency Ambulance No - 108


Our History

Nagpur was ruled by Gond kings and later by Maratha Bhonsale before the British East India Company took over the city. The Gond Kingdom and Bhonsale Raj had five elements based on ancient Indian and medieval police tradition, viz. police under revenue authorities, village kotwals and city kotwals. Kotwal was the cornerstone of Police establishment. There used to be a large establishment of Harkaras scattered over the Nagpur Province. Along with See bandies a small army at important places. The duty of Harkaras was to contact Kamavisdars and Patels to prevent crime and apprehend offenders.

Nagpur Rural Police Was Formed On 01-11-1956. The First Superintendent of Police Nagpur Rural Was S. G. Shasrabhojane (IPS). Nagpur Rural Police Currently Has 6 Sub Divisions namely Ramtek Sub Divison, Kamptee Sub Divison , Katol Sub Divison, Nagpur Sub Division, Umred Sub Division and Saoner Sub Division Which Contains Overall 22 Police Stations. The Current Superintendent of Police Nagpur Rural Is Shri. Rakesh Ola(IPS).